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Sheryl Crow Calls

By on Feb 3, 2015 in History | 0 comments

When Timeless came out and Sheryl Crow called me – there are a dozen artists on the record. About half of them called me just to say, “Wow, man, what a sound. How did you guys get that sound?” This was the typical question. The Sheryl Crow conversation is the one that sticks in my mind because this was funny. We already knew each other. Sheryl calls and says, “Rob,...

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Bob Dylan’s Before The Flood 40 Years Later

By on Jun 19, 2014 in History | 1 comment

Look back at Bob Dylan’s Before The Flood and you’ll know you’re hearing iconic performances by Bob Dylan and The Band. Spend some time on the internet and you’ll know how this tour and show affected fans who were there. I’d never quite seen anything like the outpouring of love and adoration that came from the audiences. For me, at 22...

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Tonio K, an AK-47, and HATRED

By on Apr 23, 2013 in History, Rob's Blog | 0 comments

“We have everything but the kitchen sink on this record” – Tonio K We were recording Tonio K’s, Life in the Foodchain, at the Village Recorder. At some point, we moved out to Shangri-La Studios for some reason and started recording there. During one session, there was so much joking, screwing around, and laughing, Tonio K (Steve Krikorian)...

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