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How does your room sound?

By on Jun 17, 2014 in Better Sound | 0 comments

The following is excerpted from an live interview I did with Justin Wayne of The Justin Wayne Show last year. We talked about a number of topics over our hour long conversation. While discussing the live recording of Bob Dylan’s album Planet Waves, we ended up discussing the room sound and the recording process. When recording music, how important is the room...

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Robert Palmer and The Vanishing Breed

By on Nov 21, 2013 in Rob's Blog | 0 comments

This story should be prefaced by saying Robert Palmer and I used to spend hours and hours talking. Robert’s a very intelligent guy and we loved to talk, the two of us. He had a great library of books. He was into all kinds of stuff that I was into and I was into stuff he was into. We had all this in common. Those were the days – we were doing blow and...

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Tonio K, an AK-47, and HATRED

By on Apr 23, 2013 in History, Rob's Blog | 0 comments

“We have everything but the kitchen sink on this record” – Tonio K We were recording Tonio K’s, Life in the Foodchain, at the Village Recorder. At some point, we moved out to Shangri-La Studios for some reason and started recording there. During one session, there was so much joking, screwing around, and laughing, Tonio K (Steve Krikorian)...

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Music Production: Simple Sounds Best

By on Apr 23, 2013 in Music Production, Rob's Blog | 0 comments

Music production should be about the music and the performance. Don’t worry about the little imperfections and mistakes – often that’s what makes a great performance and a great record. When I worked as an engineer at The Village Recorder – this is 1973 I think – there was a guy, Ron Malo, who worked at Chess Records. Malo came down because the guy...

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