Real Mastering and RealFeel


For 40+ years, Rob Fraboni has consulted on live and recorded sound. He’s worked in and constructed legendary studios.

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What would you like to know about recording music?

What would you like to know? Proper miking technique? What recording equipment gets you optimal sound?

Perhaps, you have questions about various aspects of production, mixing, and mastering.

I’ll look at your needs and desires. Sometimes, they’re not in sync so I’ll help you get that in order. Then, we’ll discuss your budget because the budget affects how you’ll proceed. Together, we’ll work to keep your budget down. I’ll ask you about topics such as:

  • what size space you have and what you are looking to accomplish in the space
  • what equipment you are using and how too much equipment can work against you
  • are you looking to start writing songs in this space and finish the record in the space or is it just for writing, or record and go somewhere else to mix
  • getting the right equipment. Microphones, mike pre-amps, and the recorder are paramount to great sound. Also, monitor speakers speakers are very important
  • why too much equipment is a quick route to failure
  • how to run an efficient and profitable recording session
  • why the artist lounge is the most important room in your studio
  • if should you mix and master at your studio or go elsewhere
  • and much, much more

Want to build your own studio?

I can show you how to

  • maximize your current studio or redesign a studio by showing you how to have quality equipment without a big budget
  • set up a quality home studio which can rival bigger, more expensive studios
  • determine your overall studio goals and what services you want to provide
  • hire the right personnel and teach you how they can make or break your operation
  • understand the overall marketplace and how various companies (radio stations, digital music retailers, etc) affect how your music should be recorded

Would you like to consult with Rob about sound, mixing, mastering, production set up? Tell us a little more about your project.